Birmingham Historical Comic Strips -- Birmingham Age-Herald, The Forties

Contrary to material published when the Post-Herald ceased publication in 2005, which I've quoted earlier in this series, the merger of the Age-Herald and the Post didn't take place until 1950.

1940, 1941:

No changes.


In June of '42, they added three strips -- Skippy, a quite successful little-boy-and-his-home-town strip; Captain Yank, a military adventure strip; Private Buck, a comic military panel about a short lovable loser type (most of the humor was more about the short than about the military); and Donald Duck. At this point, they moved They'll Do It Every Time and The Old Home Town off of the comics page back to the classifieds. In August, they dropped The Old Home Town again.

Skippy,Percy Crosby,King Features Syndicate
Captain Yank,Frank Tinsley,McNaught Syndicate
Private Buck,Clyde Lewis,King Features Syndicate
Donald Duck,Walt Disney, King Features Syndicate


No changes.


In March, they dropped Skippy and picked up Terry and the Pirates, which they published just as Terry. In April, they renamed Winnie Winkle down to that shorter name. In October, they dropped Captain Yank and added a Blondie clone called Dotty Dripple.

Dotty Dripple,Keate and McMenamy,Publishers Syndicate
Terry,Milton Caniff,News Syndicate


In January, they renamed Little Orphan Annie down to Orphan Annie. In June, for some reason or another, Private Buck relocated to private life and became Private Life of Buck, although the size-related humor didn't change much.


On New Year's Eve, 1946, they expanded coverage, adding Rip Kirby and The Old Home Town. In addition, off the page, they brought back, yet again, The Old Home Town and added Time Out!, a sports panel, and The Neighbors, brought over from the News. Finally, the credit for Dotty Dripple changed to Buford Tune.

Rip Kirby,Alexander Raymond,King Features Syndicate
The Neighbors,George Clark,none listed
Time Out!,Jeff Keate,Publishers Syndicate


In June they filled in the rest of the second column of the comics page, adding Grandma (sort of Grand Avenue without custody), Jack Armstrong, Smilin' Jack, and The Orbits. They also dropped The Old Home Town for a final time.

Grandma,Harris, Richardson Syndicate
Jack Armstrong,Bob Schoenka,Register & Tribune Syndicate
Smilin' Jack,Zack Mosley,News Syndicate
The Orbits,Juhre,John F. Dille Co.


In June, they picked up the loathsome Willie Dee.

Willie Dee,Vic Green,Register and Tribune


In October, they dropped Private Life of Buck.

No changes were made between January 1, 1950, and the last edition on May 13, 1950.

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