Birmingham Historical Comic Strips -- Birmingham News, The Twenties

The 20's were relatively calm. The changes, by year:

1921: Say, Pop was discontinued at the end of January, to be replaced by Toots and Casper, J. E. Murphy, King Features Syndicate.

1922: Penny Ante, which was a panel that ran elsewhere in the paper from the comics page, was renamed to Eddie's Friends at the end of April. At the same time, an untitled self-syndicated Rube Goldberg strip began running elsewhere in the paper. At the end of May, Krazy Kat began running, also off of the comics page. In late July, the Outta-Luck Club (the spelling varied randomly between "Outta" and "Outa" over the years) and Eddie's Friends ended, and Rube Goldberg moved to the comics page:

Untitled (Rube Goldberg), Rube Goldberg, R. L. Goldberg
Krazy Kat, Herriman, International Feature Service

1923: In early February, the Goldberg strip was renamed to Goldberg Says.

1924, 1925: No changes.

1926: In early July, Goldberg Says was renamed to Cartoon Follies of 1926. In September, Krazy Kat ended (or at least they stopped carrying it). At this point, the six strips on the comics page were the only ones carried.

1927: In late October, Cartoon Follies of 1927 became untitled again. In the last week of the year, it was replaced by another Goldberg strip named Bobo Baxter.

1928: In March, credit for Polly and Her Pals changed from J. E. Murphy to Jimmy Murphy. In mid-November, Bobo Baxter was replaced by a return of the Goldberg Says nameplate.

1929: No changes.

The Thirties

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