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Division I Statistics

If you're a major league team selecting players for the next draft, the game has passed the point where there's an advantage to be gained by gathering college statistics. These days, you need to be looking at a full set of Division I college stats going into the draft just to keep up with your competition. Likewise, if you're an agent picking clients, knowing which horse to ride can only help, and having statistical evidence is the beginning of the process. What this service is designed to do is to remove the drudge work behind the gathering of those stats. With your subscription to the Boyd's World Division I Statistic Service, you'll get the following daily in your mailbox:

(*) In 2005, stats were available for all of the 290 D1 teams.

How much does this cost?

For $495, you'll get the report described above sent to up to three email addresses daily from February 21, 2006 until June 30, 2006.

Isn't this all public information?

Yes. You could go out to the Web site for each of the 293 teams that are playing in Division I this year and gather the stats and make allowances for the differing formats and the teams that only publish stats on their conference sites and so on, boil the stats all down into some common format, and then spend the season watching for changes in URL's and that sort of thing. You could even assign somebody to write an automated Web agent to fetch all of that stuff. For that matter, you could write an agent to fetch most of it from the Boyd's World web site. Doesn't it make sense, though, to just pay a small fee, get the stats sent to you, and focus your resources on finding ways to analyze the stats to look for that competitive advantage that you can't get any more just by having the stats?

How do we subscribe?

Just send email to Boyd Nation to request the service and arrange payment.

Are there any other email services available?

Here's a list of services that other clients have already requested, with prices:

There are no other generalized services offered, but any public data could be retrieved, formatted, and forwarded, or analytical reports could be created given sufficient incentive. Contact me for an estimate of the labor (and associated rate) involved in setting up a report.

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