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Last updated: Tue Apr 21 15:25:27 2009

These are my selections for who I think will make the NCAA tournament as of this date. The basic question that I'm answering is, "If everyone keeps playing the same, who will get in?" In other words, I don't predict that teams will get better or worse, but I do look at the remaining schedule to see if someone's results will get better or worse if they keep playing the same. I'll try to update once a week or so.

If a conference name is listed, then only the automatic qualifier will get in. If one team is listed, they'll get an at large bid even if they don't win the conference. This year, I'm listing three Cinderella teams to allow for the inevitable number of conference tournament upsets, so anyone I have listed here I think will survive that process.

America East      Oral Roberts    Missouri             Louisiana State         
Atlantic Sun      Hawaii          Ohio State           Georgia                 
Big East          San Diego       Minnesota            Auburn                  
Horizon           Miami, Florida  Cal State Fullerton  Alabama                 
Ivy               North Carolina  UC Irvine            South Carolina          
MAAC              Georgia Tech    Cal Poly             Florida                 
MEAC              Virginia        UC Santa Barbara     Mississippi             
MVC               Clemson         Rice                 Elon                    
NEC               Florida State   East Carolina        Georgia Southern        
Patriot           Boston College  Texas Christian      Texas State             
SWAC              Oklahoma State  San Diego State      Southeastern Louisiana  
Rhode Island      Texas A&M       Brigham Young        Middle Tennessee State  
Coastal Carolina  Baylor          Arizona State        Western Kentucky        
George Mason      Texas           Oregon State         Cinderella #1           
Eastern Illinois  Oklahoma        Washington State     Cinderella #2           
Kent State        Kansas State    Arkansas             Cinderella #3           

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